Here are a few of the Clients I have produced content for. This is in no way the full list but would like to shout out some of the people who helped to get me to where I am today!


Server Info: StarForceMC is a mini games server based on the starwars universe. We offer two unique game modes: Team Death Match and Capture The Point. These game modes are playable on the ground or in the skies flying from the cockpit of either a x-wing or tie fighter.

Vindex Craft:

Server Info: CityRP - 24/7 Uptime! - Created in 2012! - 150 player slots.

Kronic Zombie Survival:

Server Info: This is the server I manage and the reason I create content today. Many thanks to this community!


Server info: When first joining ShinobiWorldMC, you will have the option to choose your clan before you can eventually earn a rank. Once you've done so, you'll be automatically enrolled in the academy and earn your first rank: Academy Student. To graduate, academic credits need to be earned by going to classes. Then these credits can be traded for jutsus from an NPC in the basement of the Academy


Server Info: Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.

CrackShot Plus:

Plugin Info: Developed by DeeCaad this plugin adds more extended mechanics to Crackshot gun plugin than you could ever ask for. I highly suggest this if you manage any gun style server.

If I have worked for you and your server is not listed please contact me with your logo and links ready and I will add you to the list.


/vouCH/ - assert or confirm as a result of one's own experience that something is true or accurately so described.


Below are some of the clients whom took time out of there day to vouch.