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Craft-Moto Resource Pack

release date 2-27-18

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version: C1 is out now!

Item Replaced:

  • unbreakable diamond_shovel and shears damage 1,2,3,4,5,6, and beyond!
    • no default items were hurt/removed in the making of this pack.


  • This pack is compatible with 1.9 to 1.12
  • This pack will not work with 1.8 without some modifications to the preview settings of each model's .json file. You can find info on preview settings here:

What's new in Version C-1:

  • added gui modules.
  • added helicopter and 10 colors.
  • reduced pack size tremendously.
  • adjusted display settings.
  • adjusted most models colors and predicates.


  • to view models use the command in the diamond_shovel.json and shears.json.
    • this resource pack should be used with CraftMoto spigot plugin.

Current Vehicles:

Hatchback, Helicopter, Lambo, Speed Boat

+10 Paint Jobs on all vehicles!!!

Current 3D Item Modules:

Engine, Gas Can, Lock and Key, Scuba Tank, Tire with Rim.

Current 3D GUI Modules:

Engine, Gas Can, Lock, Scuba Tank, Tire, Differential, Health, Flight.

One Model to Rule them All:

Adjusting made easy: The default model's .json file now controls the display settings for all 10 default colors. This does not include the cotton_candy model, it will have to be manually adjusted in the display settings if needed. The default boat, hatch, etc can be used to adjust their 10 default colors also.

Current Pack Size: